Strategies to save energy costs


Our services

By combining an understanding of the key business drivers of an energy consuming business with an understanding of how energy markets are structured, priced, operated and regulated, Altus Energy Strategies will tailor make energy strategies to save large energy users literally millions of dollars in annual energy costs.

Solid experience in both strategy and implementation

We offer a combination of production operations management experience and a deep insight into how the energy supply market operates. That means we don’t just deliver reports based on theoretical knowledge, we can assist our clients to implement the required changes to deliver cost savings and reduced risk in supply.

Our experience encompasses the general management of large and complex operations across all states and territories in Australia. Our competencies span strategic, commercial, financial, technical, engineering, governance and leadership considerations in delivering sound strategies.

Understanding your unique requirements

The spectrum of supply alternatives in the energy market is broad. Matching specific requirements to find the most competitive solutions requires a clear understanding of our clients’ processes.

It is important to understand your product supply imperatives and constraints, the unit operations and process flows, the process bottlenecks and non constrained assets, the equipment integrity issues with cycling assets on and off, the fuel mix options and the energy load of each unit operation.

Above all, the strategy needs to be practical and is best arrived at by understanding your business drivers first and foremost.