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A comprehensive 9-step framework for reducing electricity costs and boosting profits.

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Power Profits
By Michael Williams

Are you experiencing an increase in your electricity costs that is hurting your bottom line?

Want to know how the electricity market works and why costs are increasing?

Power Profits demystifies the electricity market from the perspective of an electricity user and shows you how you can use that knowledge to reduce costs by up to 30-50%. This book explains the Australian National Electricity Market and how it operates from an end user perspective and sets out a concise framework for you to follow to make significant and immediate electricity cost savings for your business.

“There are few people who have experience as an electricity end user coupled with an understanding of the supply side. Over almost two decades, Michael Williams has learnt to combine these two perspectives, and his lessons can save you significant time, money and stress.”
Paul McArdle – Managing Director Global-Roam

“Power Profits by Michael Williams is a must read for any business looking to improve their bottom line through electricity cost saving initiatives.”
Simon Brown – Managing Director ResourceCo

“This book changes the conversation from complaining about electricity cost increases to practical steps you can take to reduce electricity costs”
Mark Woodhead – Managing Director Ausminco and Adchem

Thanks for the book it is an excellent overview of the market and provides valuable information for large market customers. Will be happy to recommend it to people looking to gain a better understanding of the market
Joe Caruso – Major customer Manager SA Power Networks

“100% great read, some good insights and written in a language the end consumer can understand”
Mark Yates – Managing Director Yates Electrical Services

“A good read. A little dry in places but that’s more the nature of the topic. Very practical explanations of various aspects of the marketplace and network . The 9 step process is well broken down into manageable and practical steps to guide you through reducing not only consumption but also costs making the most of the strategy developed for your business, understanding your operations and key drivers within your electricity bill and the value of understanding the potential impact of renewables. Good use of graphs and tables and straightforward explanations used without excessive use of jargon.”
David Leaney – Manager Cleanaway Waste Management

“This is an excellent resource for all business managers on a topic that’s increasingly topical in Autsralia……energy. What Australia has done to the energy sector, and in particular what the Government has allowed to occur, can only be described as a disaster for both residential and business! Michael’s book provides an excellent insight into managing your own affairs in relation to energy, gaining a competitive advantage, and ensuring your business is at the very least in full control of its energy strategy. The book provides the knowledge to master the basics, and the advanced concepts with which business managers can implement sophisticated strategies. A great read!”
Shane Bewry – General Manager Commercial

This is an important and powerful book. It lifts the lid on the complexities of the electricity market and explains them in terms that most business or high volume electricity buyers will understand. If the principles taught in the book are followed, Australian businesses could save millions of dollars in electricity, reduce untold amounts of wasted energy, and dramatically cut down environmental damage
Brett Jarman – Business Strategist and Consultant

A must read for any business, large or small. A thorough description of how the electricity market in Australia works and an easy to follow 9-step process to help businesses large and small reduce their energy bills without compromising their operations
Wayne Pales – Director The Chapel Group

“For anyone who is serious about taking back control of their energy costs, this is the book for you. Michael has revealed the hidden secrets in the energy market which tapped into intelligently can not only significantly reduce your costs but also profit centre.”
Dr David Dugan – Business Coach and Mentor Elite Enterprises Global