South Australian Electricity Network Tariff Changes

From the 1st July 2020, SA Power Networks has introduced changes to their large customer network tariffs.

Network tariffs can sometimes appear to be confusing to many end-users. These tariffs can vary considerably between different state networks but are usually comprised of the following elements:

1.     Supply charge $/day – which is the same rate for all customers within each tariff class

2.     Usage charge $/kWh – based on the amount of […]

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Reducing Energy Costs In Quarrying

Energy costs in the quarrying industry are a significant portion of the overall annual spend.

Quarries use a large amount of energy in the form of explosives, diesel and electricity and managing and reducing energy costs is critical to increasing profitability. With energy costs increasing rapidly over the last few years the profitability […]

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Business Travel Productivity Hacks

I’m keen to collect tips on how people maintain or even enhance productivity on business trips and stay healthy.

It can be hard being away from family, staying in lonely hotel rooms, eating out and being outside your normal routine. Some people thrive in this environment, advancing their key goals forward whilst others just turn up and then wonder what they achieved all week. Some people who travel […]

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How your business can make immediate electricity cost savings

Many businesses have the mistaken belief that their only opportunity to reduce electricity costs is when their contract runs out and they run a competitive process for a new contract.

In reality, that competitive process is usually between a small number of traditional retailers who are basing their pricing on the same wholesale market and derivative market prices.

The real opportunity to achieve deep cost savings sits outside of […]

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The Price Is The Price – But That Doesn’t Mean It’s The Cost

Every day we get inundated with media articles (and Linkedin posts) about the causes and impacts of rapidly escalating electricity Prices. Yes, rising electricity Prices are of concern but higher electricity Prices do not have to mean rising electricity Costs.

Our electricity market is designed to have periods of high Prices in order to send a signal that investment is needed in new generation capacity. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are […]

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Reducing Electricity Network Costs Through Power Factor Correction

In this article we look at how electricity costs can be reduced by improving power quality and revise some high school trigonometry.

Many businesses that I talk with think they only get one shot to reduce their electricity costs and that is when they “negotiate” their new contract. That is far from the case. In fact, the outcome of a skilled negotiation for a new supply arrangement only […]

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South Australian Network Cost Savings

For people who are not excited by energy, navigating the murky world of network tariffs can be complicated and confusing.

The network tariff component of the electricity bill reflects the costs of the “poles and wires” and other equipment such as transformers required in order to get the electrons from the generator to your home or business.

In my book Power Profits I discuss how understanding your bill […]

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Electricity Bill Visualisation Using Marimekko Charts

This week I listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast interview with Nick Kokonas who is the co-owner and co-founder of The Alinea Group of restaurants in the U.S.

Nick explained the power of Marimekko charts in analysing restaurant costs to determine priority areas for finding cost reductions and improving profitability.

I thought I would have to start using Marimekko charts for my own cost analysis and for visually explaining electricity bills […]

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Energy Efficiency and The Competition For Capital

Irrespective of the profitability and size of a business, the amount of capital that is invested in any year to sustain, de-risk or grow the business is limited, and the “shopping list” of projects is usually much larger than the funds available.

In some tough years the available capital may be very low or none at all.

Projects for growth, efficiency, equipment replacement, safety, quality, environmental and staff amenity […]

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How To Reduce Electricity Costs – A Framework To Follow

Rising electricity prices does not mean that your business has to experience rising electricity costs. By putting in place an energy strategy and taking action your businesses can reduce electricity costs and the face of rising prices.

A strategy framework provides structure, logic, and a sequential process that can be followed by anyone.

The framework

Some readers may already have […]

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